Hayden NG (HNG)

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About me

  • I code in PHP, CSS, HTML & System related languages.
  • My name is Hayden, my discord is HNG#1071, email is hng@hn.fyi
  • More on the HNG Directory, username @hng, See here

Public services I've made/helped/operated

  • I run an OpenNIC Tier 2 resolver (IP: hn.fyi)
  • I help on the InfinityFree forum (@HaydenANG)
  • I run all the HNG services (Username: @HNG/HNG)
  • I built the TreeTopHost client area from scratch (treetophost.com)
  • I am one of the founders of TreeTopHost
  • I am building a blog cms/framework - web.int.hn.fyi

Release notes:

  • 20:15PM GMT (4/9/2020) - Main website taken down for maintenance works.
  • 20:20PM GMT (4/9/2020) - New design work started.
  • 20:38PM GMT (4/9/2020) - Added status for services.
  • 20:54PM GMT (4/9/2020) - Added responsive bootstrap layout.
  • 13:20PM GMT (5/9/2020) - Added user account management system
  • 14:44PM GMT (5/9/2020) - Added user database dump service
  • 19:31PM GMT (5/9/2020) - Maintenance mode removed temporarily

Copyright stuff

  • This websites structure (using BootStrap + Google Fonts) is entirely open.
  • This websites closed code, behind the scene code is closed source, copyright of HNG networks

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