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After many months of strugle, my new DNS Resolver and Nameserver now works, use

dig ping.hng
to test it, you should see, and, which are the root HNG. nameservers, for me to use it, i add
in /etc/resolv.conf and with windows, first dns server is and secondary is, as it it is good to have a backup, but now TEST.HN.FYI now points to the nameservers, and ( & for maximum failover capabilities , i am also working on internal TLD's like .hng, but with linux using 2 nameservers & interferes with interal TLD's, so i stick with
nameserver # Main Master
nameserver # Slave Zone     
However, sometimes they are not very reliable, so always have a backup (, even though for permanant changes, you should change your nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces or wherever your system network config files are located, but for a GUI where more internet is used, rather than just command line, use your ISP or Host provider's DNS server as secondary and HNG's as primary (for tld resolution) find your UK ISP providers dns server here, or just ask them, as they are on the same network as you, are are probably the fastest dns server for you.

Below are the addresses for some services;

  • Download service (In progress) - 2001:470:69df:69df::1 (
  • Main server address - 2001:470:69df::69df (
  • Main Nameserver address - (,2001:470:69df:69df::1)
  • For now, the secondary nameserver is with the above details.
  • Then we have a third nameserver ( for important domains
  • Scripts::
    1. Use a dig-latency based script, download with the following command
      then chmod it and run it as root, then enter your home directory, it will create .ns which is used by the script, by the script, it then determines the lowest latency nameserver, and uses dig with it, the usage is...
      d-lat [record type e.g a] [domain]
    2. I found and edited a bit of a speedtest python file, find it at, The useage is;
      curl -L | python
    3. I have a download script, just another version that uses wget, to download into a users folder, uses basic parameters, follow instructions below; (download, then make it executeable (chmod +x)
      ./ [user]
      download [user] [url]
      What it does is download the file in [url] to /home/[user]/Downloads, it is just a utility script to make things easier.
  • Networking && Sysad
    1. For the new ip reverse system, all my ip's including the ipv6 from IPV6.HE.NET, and they are 2 /48 and 2 /64's, they are delegated to, and for the reverse systems, we use, so for the ip of our main weps server,, we use, whereas for the main servers ipv6, we would use 2001:bc8:3575::, using .ip instead of .ip6. Also, note these sites may not have webpages, and may not even have a web server, they are just for the reverse and PTR records. We use 8-1-14-7 as H A N G; H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, A is the 1st, N is the 14th and G is the 7th.


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